Jul 28, 2013

The Dragon Run 2013 for WWP!

Waters Airbrush is proud to support The Dragon Run 2013 benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project!

Mar 5, 2013

Industry Artists - Frankie Serrano of FSD

Frankie Serrano Designs is an exhaust shop specializing in the fabrication of custom made exhaust systems for both American and Metric motorcycles. All their exhausts are handmade 100% in the USA.
They service both the general public as well as bike builders around the world with a choice of our production pipes models or One of a Kind (One-Offs) pipes for both American and Metric.
Everything they make is done by hand; they don't subcontract oversees (or anywhere else) to some factory that will crack the whip on its employees to process your order in 48 hours. At Frankie Serrano Designs each order is handled with the proper care and attention that larger companies can't afford to give you. Every single order will be fabricated or overseen by Frankie Serrano himself. So when they say "production pipe" we don't mean "off the shelf", they mean "handmade from one of Frankie's designs".

Their One of a Kind (One-Offs) exhausts are the reflection of their clients' state of mind and lifestyles. Their pipes are designed to mimic your personality and give you that show bike look, all without burning a hole in your wallet.

Frankie Serrano is a true master at his craft with a unique approach to his designs and creations. Part cool, part turbulent, his unconventional ways will insure that you are getting a product you would have never been able to get anywhere else: an original Frankie Serrano designed and fabricated exhaust.

Frankie's exhausts have won numerous awards from various bike shows and have been featured in articles and on the cover of magazines around the world.


As everthing in Frankie's life is a contradiction, Frankie started his education as a computer animator with a Bachelor's degree and continued on to a Master in computer special effects. After finishing his education he became a teacher at the Master's level (how many of you expected to read that?). After throwing his last computer out the window, he decided he was not a computer minded guy and that fabricating exhausts was where his true passion and talent lied. He went on to AMI (American Motor Institution) and then on to welding school where he excelled and achieved various certifications.
Frankie then started working in the motorcycle industry, first with Eddie Trotta (much love to Eddie) where he was quickly promoted to the position of head fabricator. Enriched by his experience working for Eddie Trotta, Frankie went on to working on his own and came out with the original Hotrods and Infernos designs; all leading to the creation of FSD Exhausts.

Images and editorial courtesy from fsdexhausts.com

Myrtle Beach Spring Rally

Head to Myrtle Beach, SC for the the Grand Strands Largest Motorcycle Gathering!
May 10-19, 2013

Jul 23, 2012

WA's Nitro Fury in V-Twin!

We first want to thank all the companies involved in this build that have their product featured on our project bike titled 'Nitro-Fury'! Alot of companies took the extra time to make new 'prototype' products for our Honda Fury that are now in production. We look forward to continue to work with companies in the near future on further shop projects.

Below is a photo of the V-Twin Magazine August 2012 issue that has a 5 page feature on our 2010 Hond Fury. Our project was completed just before the 2011 Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Bike Rally and photographed for V-Twin back in November of 2011.

We look forward to everyone seeing a few other projects featured in the near future that WA has had a hand in.

Mar 10, 2012

WA at 2012 Easyrider Show in Charlotte!

Below are a few pics of a few of our customers bikes on display in our booth at the 2012 Easyrider Show in Charlotte, NC.

Feb 11, 2012

Hand Pinstriping by WA at the MBBW Expo!

Look for Waters Airbrush to display some custom motorcycles as well as be providing Hand Pinstriping during the show! From Motorcycle to High Heel shoes, Waters Airbrush will hand pin stripe it! Email or call us today to reserve a time slot for the show.

We look forward to seeing you at the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West Expo in Florence, SC!

For more info on this event please click on the image link to the left of the screen.

Jan 24, 2012

WA to Display Bikes at Ink Fest Live!

Come see some of WA's custom painted motorcycles on display at the Ink Fest Live show!

Nov 3, 2011

S.O.A. to invade Easyriders Shows!

September 12th 2011...Easyriders Events is both proud and excited to announce that stars from the #1 hit TV show Sons Of Anarchy Tommy Flanagan "Chibs" and Winter Zoli "Lyla" will be joining the 2012 Easyriders Bike Show Tour. They will be meeting, signing autographs, and taking pictures with guests from 1pm-5pm Saturday January 7th 2012 in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center, Saturday January 14th 2012 in Sacramento, CA at the Sacramento Convention Center, Saturday January 21st 2012 in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Convention Center, Saturday February 4th 2012 in Knoxville, TN at the Knoxville Convention Center, and Saturday February 11th 2012 in Columbus, OH at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

4.94 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday 9/6/2011 for the Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Premier. Together with it's 2 encore runs on Wednesday 9/7/2011 over 7.25 million viewers watched one of the most highly anticipated season premiers in recent television history. "Due to the shows overwhelming and constant growing popularity we made it a priority to make sure we have the stars of the #1 hit show Sons Of Anarchy there for our guests at the 2012 Easyriders Bike Show Tour" said Easyriders Events John Green.

"Sons Of Anarchy and Easyriders have been a perfect fit so far. We are very excited about Tommy Flanagan "Chibs" being able to join us for the entire 2012 Easyriders Bike Show Tour. He is awesome and the guests really love him. We are also very excited to start working with Winter Zoli "Lyla" as well. We have heard great things about her and really think the crowds will enjoy her" said Easyriders Events Tucker Kroll.

Oct 20, 2011

Nitro-Fury to be in V-Twin!

Here are a few sneak peek shots from the photoshoot done of one of our project bikes titled 'Nitro-Fury'.

Not sure what issue it will be featured in, but look for it soon!

Aug 18, 2011

W.A. goes with Cannella!

The Aftermarket is really starting to come alive in offering parts for Honda’s new VTX1300 Fury! One of these top companies is Cannella Custom Cycles, LLC. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cannella offers pristine products ranging from handle bar risers and levers to stylish covers and kickstands.

WA had the opportunity of checking out some of their products first hand and the quality was so top notch that we had to have it on our Nitro-Fury project bike! Not only was their shipping fast and parts packaged nicely to prevent any shipping damage their prices are practical for the quality and not one ‘extra’ modification was needed to install their great fitting products.

The levers are a dream! Their style is only met by their comfort when shifting and braking. We give Cannella big brownie points for continuing the style of their levers to their beefy kickstand. We were a little apprehensive on replacing the kickstand do the bike’s Platinum air suspension. Had the kickstand been to long the bike would not remain up right when lowered all the way and had it been too long the bike would angle too far when parked at riding height. It sets perfect with the Cannella kickstand which shows first hand their product development is to proper fit and function as well as style.

We have to say that probably one of the top 5 products/modifications we have done to date on our project Nitro-Fury are Cannella's handle bar risers! Hands down! It's a product installation you will appreciate very time you ride, through out your ride and when you get off. Your back will appreciate it even more how ever! Not only does their system offset the bars up about 2", but they also set the bars back to you about 2". This provides more bend in your arm and better seating posture while riding. thought the clearence is closing when turning, our bars do not hit the tank! Read our lips... BUY THE RISERS! Your back will thank you! 
Their kit included all the hardware, lock tight and easy to follow instructions. After the above photo, we did end up moving the clutch cable behind the triple trees for a better look and to reduce the tightness on the cable when turning. A quick note, be very careful when threading the screws into the riser. Though this can be a one person job, it will help greatly to  have an extra set of hands to hold the bars in the right place so as to not cross thread the screw.
In all the riser, levers and kickstand was about a 3 hour install time and only required basic garage tools. For more information on Cannella Custom Cycle products visit them by clicking their logo on our page for a direct path to their site.

Jul 3, 2011

The Fury Meets the Dragon!

We had a great turn out for a first meet of Furyforums.com members at the Tail of the Dragon (Hwy 129).

 From Florida to New York, Honda Fury owners came far and wide to test their skills on the tail of the dragon. This was also a chance for Fury owners to meet and great others, see what customizing others are doing to their Fury and share stories and comments they have received in regards to thier Fury.

We were there to also adding some pin stripping on site to a few Furys at our gathering point, the Microtel in Robbinsville, NC. The weather was fantastic on the day of the ride and everyone had a great and safe time on the Dragon. We look forward to this becoming an annual meet in the future!

Additional pics under Event Coverage...

May 27, 2011

Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Night!

Located right off Hwy 85 in Concord, NC, Quaker Steak and Lube not only hosts some of the best wings and coldest beer in NC, but also hosts a great bike night every Wednesday night! On the last Wednesday of everymonth however, Quaker Steak takes it up a notch with their Bikini Contest that has a $500 first place prize! More vendors were than ever before were out including Indian Cycles, Mafia Motorsports, Nationwide Ins., etc...

Also appearing last Wednesday was Easyrider Cover Model, Cam-Ranh Chandler! Shes was signing autographs as well as taking pics with fans. She gave us the honor of stopping by our Waters Airbrush booth to chat and take a few pics with one of our project bikes, Nitro-Fury.

The band was top notch and played an array of music from the 70s, 80s and 90s such as ZZtop, CCR, etc... This helped fuel us in our booth because we were slammed with pin strip work that we do on the spot!

From a Harley bagger to a black and silver Honda Fury, we were pin stripping anything that came in our booth! Except of course miss Jillianne (pic below). Not only was she in the bikini contest, but is the official 'Quaker Steak Bike Wash' girl every Wednesday night. Thanks for taking some pics with some of our customers and their bikes! It really made their night!
See more pics on our EVENT page! Come check us out every Wednesday evening at Quaker Steak & Lubes Bike Night all through the Summer!

May 23, 2011

Nitro-Fury Gets Controlled by DLX!

New Forward Controlls not only set off a bikes looks, but can also improve comfort while driving. DLX Prodox offers an array of styles, finishes and options in the aftermarket forward control market. From to chrome to black anodized, their finish is second to none.
We wanted to try to match our grips and the DLX crew had just the ticket with putting a set of their tribal flame foot and toe pegs on the the new forwards for our Nitro-Fury.
While we were at it, a set of matching rear passenger foot pegs was a must! We went ahead and removed the black passenger brackets and sprayed them silver to match the frame. A little extra time and some color match paint made this a simple project to add some detail.
Now being of shorter stature (5'7" and a half!) we did not want to extende the foot placement. DLX saw the need to develope a forward control that fit exactly what we were looking for with their new Standard system. Now alot of companys can provide great products that look good, but few back it up with top knotch customer service. We speak first hand, DLX Prodox is one of those few companies!
Check out DLX Prodox website for their top knotch products. Their link is on our home page.